Active candidate sourcing is online! Learn about our new product

Active candidate sourcing is online! Learn about our new product

At Speedinvest Heroes, we stand confident in our ability to find the best candidates for you, so you don’t have to go through the process by yourself. With our recruiting methods, all you need to do is just specify what you are looking for and we will upload your potential candidates’ profiles straight to you! Learn more about our new digital product now!

What is active candidate sourcing?

Active Candidate Sourcing is a recruiting method where recruiters are actively searching for the most suitable candidates to fill in certain positions. The focus is on suitability and not availability, since the purpose is to find quality talent that matches what you envision to be the best match.  Active Candidate Sourcing requires a skilled team that has a profound understanding on how to search and identify the potential candidates.

The opposite of active sourcing is when a company shares its job ad and waits for candidates to organically apply through job boards. This is the most traditional form of recruiting which we also provide. is our European startup-based job platform. You can access a community actively interested in startups and share your open positions with start up enthusiasts.  

Challenges of Active Sourcing 

Finding the right candidates that can make a great fit into a company is a tedious task. Active sourcing requires extensive knowledge of where to find the correct talent for the right position

Some of the challenges are:  

  1. Without the experience and network for recruitings, It’s hard to know where to even start with the searching process. 
  2. If active sourcing is done without proper expertise, it can be too time consuming and take up way too much reasources. 
  3. You need to present the position to candidates in an attractive manner, if the position is not marketed affectively you can waste a lot of time and not gain the candidates you desire. 
  4. There are plenty of platforms out there with their methods and techniques to obtain candidates, however, it’s difficult to decide which one fits. 
  5. When working with us, our recruiters with 20 years of experience can give you efficient guidance to give you a stress-free recruiting experience. 

Overcoming these challenges are easy, when you book Active Sourcing with us.

Let us help you with our ASaaS digital solution – how does the service work 

With our ASaaS (Active Sourcing as a Service) we will effectively identify and collect the best possible talent fits for your job opening. We focus more on finding junior to mid-level positions, especially in Europe. All you need to do is specify who you’re looking for and we’ll send you Linkedin profiles straight to your inbox!  

What does the Process look like? 

  1. Specify the position online and choose a package (should we deliver for one position up to 50 profiles or 50-100 profiles?). The price will be calculated depending on the seniority level and the number of profiles.
  2. We will then carefully review your order, evaluate our resources and get back to you as soon as possible!
  3. After that, you’ll have the chance to have a free consulting slot with our recruiters to answer any questions.
  4. Then the sourcing starts! We will send you 5 profiles for feedback, to be on the right track.
  5. When we’re done, you’ll get notified via email. You can then view the profiles in your Dashboard. The number of delivered profiles can differ depending on the complexity of your desired profile.

How to use the tool? 

First, navigate to the product page where you’re able to set your dream profile and see how other companies benefitted from our service.

The function of our tools include:

  1. Are you looking for a more senior candidate with extensive experience? If you are looking for an executive, the project is more complex – reach out to us here
  2. Choose the number of profiles: up to 50 or between 50-100 Linkedin profiles
  3. If you need a customised solution with more profiles, reach out here
  4. Give the name of the position. Don’t have it yet? no worries, you can talk with the hiring manager to get a consultation on that.
  5. Decide if it’s a remote position. You can also let us know if you are open to remote candidates but overall you’d prefer on-site talents.
  6. Add the years of experience you want the candidate to have – remember, in the startup ecosystem people might acquire experience much faster.
  7. Upload your job description via a PDF or link, if you even have one. It’s not mandatory and you can work on that together with the hiring manager
  8. Add additional skills you want your talent to have, this will greatly help the hiring manager to find the most suitable candidate 
  9. You can add an example of who you are exactly looking for: upload a dream profile – someone in your company, someone you know from competitors, or anyone in your network you’d find the absolute best fit
  10. Tell us if there are any companies you want us to specifically approach candidates from (competitors for example) 
  11. Also tell us if there’s a company we should avoid because of partnership agreements, for example.
  12. Plus any additional requirements you would like us to know

You can then add the project to your cart. You can add as many as you wish and have an overview on the cart page. If you have a coupon, you can also apply it in the basket before checking out.

Once you have booked and paid for your service, you’ll have the chance to receive a 5% discount code for your next purchase! How, you ask? Simply fill out our short 2-minute feedback survey about the online booking process, and violá!
If you’re done and have added all projects you want, you now need to add your billing details. After that, you can create an account by adding your email address and password. This account is important because here you can access your profiles of current and past projects. Access the account dashboard here: SpeedInvest-Heroes Dashboard 

Payment options : Stripe, paypal and direct bank transfer

Please keep in mind we will not start the project until the payment has been cleared on our account. You can track the status of the project in your dashboard. 

What do our clients say?

 Here is some insight from one of our successful projects: CoachHub

Speedinvest Heroes helped us scale by covering parts of our vacancies and taking over our internal recruitment processes when we were short on in-house recruiters. They are very flexible and incredibly empathic and good at what they are doing, and they felt like aremote part of our team.
– Antonia Neumann, Head of HR

Just some of the amazing startups that we are working with: Walt.ID, Fiat Republic, Juli, Flaneer, FiveLives, Flow48, Tulipshare, Breathe, Sunhero, Kittl, Airbank, GoTiger, Unstoppable Finance, Skyfri, Botlzbit, Stotles

So what are you waiting for? Let us find the candidate you need and buy today!

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