Active Sourcing: What is it and how it helps your company find candidates for hard-to-fill roles 

Active Sourcing: What is it and how it helps your company find candidates for hard-to-fill roles 

We explain you the method of active sourcing in recruiting, the advantages and why it is so important to make use of it during the recruiting process

Active Sourcing definition

What is active sourcing? In a few words, it basically represents a method that is commonly used in recruiting to search for candidates, even if they are not looking for a position,  for planned or available positions. It involves searching, through social networks such as LinkedIn, reaching out to candidates with the goal to hire them and build long-term relationships.
The opposite of active sourcing is when a company shares its job ad and waits for candidates to organically apply through job boards. This is the most traditional form of recruiting which we also provide. is our European startup-based job platform. You can access a community actively interested in startups and share your open positions with startup enthusiasts.  

Active and passive candidates

Now, we understand the concept of active candidate sourcing, but have you ever heard of active and passive candidates? What’s the difference? 

Active candidates: these people are actively looking for new opportunities. You can recognize some when they have their status set as  “open to work on Linkedin”. Some might still be on the job hunt despite not having changed their status to “open to work” on Linkedin. 

Passive candidates: these people are currently employed. They’re not actively looking for work, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in moving to a different company. According to a study by Linkedin, 87% of active and passive candidates are open to new job opportunities.

A successful recruiting strategy needs to look at both groups and that is where active sourcing comes in place.

Why active sourcing?

One of the biggest challenges recruiters face at the moment is finding highly qualified candidates in our competitive market. We have listed a few reasons below why active sourcing is so important as part of the recruiting process:

  • Companies are not receiving enough CVs and there are just not enough qualified applications, so companies need to reach out to suitable candidates.
  • It is the most effective method to find talent. According to a  LinkedIn study, 70% of desirable candidates are passive candidates.
  • Especially when scaling up, companies cannot simply rely on incoming applications.
  • It helps with future hiring processes: recruiters can build a talent pool of pre-selected candidates and dramatically reduce the time and costs of hiring processes. 

It’s effective in finding candidates with the right skill sets: According to Linkedin, 52% of candidates who see and apply for jobs are underqualified, especially for highly skilled positions.

Challenges of active sourcing

  • Ever-changing job market: that is why it’s vital for recruitment specialists to understand the job market from time to time and keep track of the changing candidate pool.
  • Time-consuming: it takes a lot of time to find the right talent. Especially if you are looking at highly qualified positions
  • Low conversion rates depending on the industry and the position: You might need to reach out to a big volume of candidates to be able to find the right hire. For hard-to-fill roles, conversion rates can be as low as 1 or 2%, so you might need to reach out to 100, 200 candidates to be able to hire for 1 position.

    Are you struggling to find the right candidate for a job position and need a solution that will save you time and costs?

You won’t need to deal with all this if you choose us!

We offer  “Active Sourcing as a Service”. We help you find top talent in Europe by completely taking over the sourcing for you. We provide you with an extensive list of potential interesting candidates that you can reach out to. You just need to tell us what you are looking for!

The great news is: It’s very easy to book! You can book it online in just a few clicks! The service also includes a free consulting slot with our recruiters in order to align and answer any questions you might have. Got interested and want to check it out?  Follow this link to learn more.


Active sourcing has proven to be a very effective method when finding hard-to-fill roles and companies nowadays can not survive  without relying on it!

The good news is and as we mentioned previously: among all these disappointing facts, 87% of active and passive candidates are open to new job opportunities

But to get candidates engaged it’s crucial to have the right sourcing strategy and have a good understanding of the market and the requirements for the different job positions. A team of qualified recruiters is the best solution if your company is struggling to find the right candidates!

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