Startup Job Boards

We love working for and with startups, and believe us, there are many people out there feeling the same way. But, for these heroes there was not a single startup job platform that would represent the whole European market. We are about to change that.

Why startup job boards?

Startups are the new key players in job creation

In the new global economy, startups & scaleups have been considered a key player in job creation, while corporates and established companies have become net job destroyers.

Great startup talent is tough to hire

The lack of great tech talent is not the only recruiting challenge startups face today. Startups require special skills, a unique mindset and a cultural fit. Traditional recruiting cannot live up to those expectations, and hence, is outdated.

The European startup ecosystem accelerates

2021 has brought record investment levels for the European ecosystem. However, not just total funding rises, startups also scale faster which will intensify the recruitment challenges even further.

The era of new work came to stay

Over the last years, not just the pandemic has caused tremendous leaps in the area of new work. The way we work together has changed forever and now it is time to address the challenges that came along.

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Startup jobs in Western European countries are expected to grow by 1.000% until 2030
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tech employees are missing globally by 2030, resulting in unrealised revenues of $450bn
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of funding was granted to European startups in 2021, roughly 4x compared to 2020
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of knowledge-based jobs will be remotely dominated by the end of 2022
Let us present you our

3 Startup Job Boards

We know that real heroes are rare. The ones who really make the difference in your company by thriving in a nurturing environment and doing things they really care about.

But what if we tell you, you can find startup enthusiastic candidates from all over Europe in one single job platform? We present you

Imagine a place where you don’t have to keep track of various platforms anymore but you can truly focus on the skills of the person rather than the location… Shoot for the stars with us, hire the brightest minds while saving on resources and achieving fast business growth!

Trending Topics Jobs

When you join forces with Europe’s fastest growing digital media houses for innovation, you know magic is about to happen. Together with Trending Topics, we launched a high-quality job board for the innovation economy.

Are you looking for go-getters and hustlers, ready to change your company for the better? Startups, innovation labs, incubators – the stage is yours! 

Startup Jobs

Are you specifically interested to hire in Switzerland? Would you consider yourself an enthusiastic player of this market? Then you probably know Verve Ventures. And then you are also not surprised why we are so proud of this partnership.

On Startup Jobs you can see a carefully selected niche for those who already know the direction of their dreams! Are you going to discover these rare talents?

Christoph Deinbacher, the sales manager of Speedinvest Heroes

“I’m always happy to help out fellow startups so we can drive innovation together” – Christoph Deinbacher, Sales Manager

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